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2017-06-27 Long eurusd +51 pips
2017-06-27 Long eurusd +215 pips
2017-06-19 Long eurusd +49 pips
2017-06-14 Short eurusd +59 pips
2017-06-02 Long eurusd +57 pips
2017-06-02 Long eurusd +46 pips
2017-05-30 Long eurusd +105 pips
2017-05-19 Long eurusd +34 pips
2017-05-19 Long eurusd +136 pips
2017-05-12 Long eurusd +254 pips


Q) How much money can I make from this? ...

It's not a guarantee that you will make a profit from my FOREX signals however traders who have the correct mindset can make a VERY good money from this. Just remember thou that all trading decisions must be made with a view to long-term profits and steady bank growth rather than a hope to get rich quick. And by this I mean see this as a smart passive income opportunity that can really pay off in the long run.. If this is not for you, maybe you should try lotto instead. 

Q) What would you recommend as a starting figure?...

To answer your question, if you are prepared to look at this long term (the only way to do it, by the way) then, as far as I am concerned, the amount you start with is pretty much irrelevant. People have started with less than you would think, much less.. 

Most of my followers here use a cfd brooker which provide much higher leverage than traditional trading.. The Advantages: If a stock has an ask price of $50 and 100 shares are bought at this price, the cost of the transaction is $5,000. With a traditional broker, using a 50% margin, the trade would require at least a $2,500 cash outlay from the trader. With a CFD broker, often only a 5% margin is required, so this trade can be entered for a cash outlay of only $250.00. This is how many of my readers start trading forex and by following our trades here you can grow your income slow and steady.. 

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