My Internet Marketing Journey

From zero to 10 k per month in profit… is it really doable?

Hi, I’m Tomas Loden and Im an internet marketer…. wow yeah always wanted to say that… Hey I made a whopping 11 dollars from maxbounty last month..
so basically Im a real internet marketer….

Joking aside.. I’m just an ordinary guy from Sweden but i’m on a mission and that mission is to earn 10 000 dollars per month within a year or so.
I don’t really have any big money to start with or even a great idea for a 10k per month business but what i do have, is ambition
and an incredible work ethic.

On this channel I will be documenting my progress step by step, as Im trying out different ways to make money and sharing my results
with you so you can follow me on the journey but also make some extra money yourself or even aim to 10k per month with me! Anything is possible.

This is not my first shoot trying to make money from internet..

I have been there, done that and come from the same place as all of you.

I have been scammed more than I dare to share.

I got caught in greed just like probably you too.

My biggest problem is my mindset, I must overcome that I have failed atleast
20 times over the years, jumping from one product and stratgy to the next great one..
hoping that this time I WILL make it… as long as I follow what this guru is telling me..

whoa, easy money happy days… yeah right.. if it only was that easy..

I thnink I´ve tried almost every strategy under the sun… cpa, blogging,
adsensearbitrage, facebook marketing, adult marketing, emailspamming etc etc..

Its not that I have not tried, I have really pushed it but somehow managed
to spend more than I have made…

The “problem” is that I have a well paid day job, the downside is that Im away from my family
monday-friday every week and I’m a dead horse rest of the week… This must change.. NOW!

20+ years living like this must end…

Its not worth the time….. and this (that I make good money)
have also set me back for wanting this bad enough, to REALLY push it… I’ve been to lazy!!

Lots of frustration (my dayjob and away from family) mixed with information overload
and the shiny object syndrome is whats been keeping me
from my dream life….

My goal is to make the same money from home so I can quit my
dayjob and spend more time with my family and friends..

Now…Whats my gameplan…. this time?

Well.. I need help, I need someone who can push me in the right direction..

Maybe I should get a great mentor?

Think about it.. Getting a good mentor is the best investment you can make if you want to make it online..

and that getting mentored by a person who is where you want to be is the surest and fastest way to succeed..

My goal is to make 10k per month in profit starting from scratch and you can follow my journey here..

Now, before we start I just want to say that…

I Believe In Telling The Truth, Even If It Means
…losing out on potential “viewers”.

You will most probably see more failure than success especially in the start..

I have no idea if I will ever reach my 10k per month goal but I will give it a serious try..

Heck.. I dont even know where to start at the moment..

Why am I doing this and what is my biggest motivation?

I need to quit this ratrace so I can spend more time with my family… Thats my biggest motivation by far for
doing this..

Ok… I have a few online mentors in mind so I will reach out to them and
sign up to the one i think is the best for me and with already proven results..

Thats why I started this youtube channel, to document my progress and start by trying out things.

Also i think that a Youtube channel is a great asset but it also forces you to try new strategies
and to keep pushing through even when things don’t work ( because you have the world watching you).

Ok so let the journey begin..

From 0 to 10k per month in profit…. I hope..

I love to interact with people so be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel now..
Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.