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Thank you Tomas, this has really helped me to grow my business and improve my results.

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Here Are Your Questions Answered

Do you accept all niches?

Question One

Almost... no adult content..  

We will let you know asap if we can't work with your project and will send a refund asap. Ask us first to be sure that we can deliver.. Please contact me here: tomas at

Is this 100% white hat and safe to use?

Question Two

Yes. All our backlinks are dripfeeded slowly over 30 days for your safety, they are all of high quality and created manually to assure a safe and solid linkbuilding campaign.  

How long before I see any results from this?

Question 3

You should start to see results in a few weeks but it can take up to 4 weeks or longer, it all depends on the niche and keyword since every project is unique. 

How many urls and keywords per order?

Question Four

You can send 1 url and 5 keywords per order..  

What makes your service better than all the others out there?

Question 5

I 've been in the internet marketing business since 2003 and have worked with 100's of marketers from all over the world  so I know where affiliates and marketers have their success and I know where they have their failures... I have personally tested every SEO and linkbuilding strategy that you can find under the sun.. So for the past years I have tested just about everything.... took notes and tested again... After years of trying I finally come up with a strategy that works and something I can safely pass on to my many clients... You will get the same service as my clients for 10+ years.. No links plashing or link spamming... just a powerfull white hat linkbuilding campaign that is already proven to work..  

Do you guarantee page 1?

Question 6

No one can guarantee a page 1 ranking (since every project and niche is unique,) if they do... run! 

What we can guarantee is that with our help your ranking will increase (average over your keywords) or we have failed and will get you a 100% refund. we are very honest here... we can't 100% guarantee you a page 1 ranking for all of your keywords but we can guarantee you a higher ranking... Many will end up on page 1 for most of their keywords with our help and some will be stuck on page 2.. 

How many backlinks will i get

Step 7

We will start with 150 dripfeeded backlinks then will monitor the results and add more for free until we see results.. It's hard to set a fixed number since every project is unique but 150 is often enough to rank you to the top. 


AMAZING!! that's all I can say about Tomas and his linkbuilding service, we moved from page 4 to page 1 within 4 weeks and are still climbing.. Highly recomennded and will order again for sure.  

WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT. we can finally find our new blog when searching for our keeywords. We have been struggling for a long time to get any traffic to our pages. With Tomas and his team we can now see how every page is ranking higher and higher.. Excited every time I log in to see my analytics.. well done my friend..   

HAPPY.. After using Tomas and his linkbuilding service for a few weeks we finally started to see great results in Google ranking for all our keywords. Just a great service that we can highly recommend..   

TOP SPOT.We do alot of launchjacking and it's really hard to get top spot when all affilaite marketers are aiming for the same keywords (competition in this sector is fierce) but with Tomas help we can now very often see our pages in top 5 for some of the most difficult keywords.. thank you.. 

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