Wealthy Affiliate Review – Unique Exclusive Bonus – 7 Day Free Trial.

Hey Folks, Tomas Loden here and thanks for stopping by to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

For those that don’t know me, it’s important to know that I NEVER review a product unless I actually try it first (unlike those Worthless Affiliates that do fake reviews, call it a scam, and recommend their #1 Recommended Product).

That was certainly the case here, so let’s get to the reason you’re here:

What IS Wealthy Affiliate All About?
I joined, so I can show you. ????

wealthy affiliate free trial

Wealthy affiliate comes with a 7 day free trial period so you can find out during 7 days if this is for you and when you get convinced (like myself) you can upgrade to premium and unlock all the training and bonuses..

Is the Wealthy Affiliate 7 Day Free Trial, Really Free?

YES!.. Wealthy Affiliate is the ONLY internet marketing product I’ve seen that allows for a 100% risk-free trial in its truest form.

What is Included with the Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

Short Summary:

Wealthy Affiliate is the most trusted and respected affiliate marketing platform in the world, a step-by-step, online training program that takes ​you by the hand to create a unique affiliate-marketing-driven business.

Wealthy Affiliate provide its memberes with an all-inclusive place to create, grow and scale their online business within any niche.

Kyle and Carson (the founders) has been in the business of helping people like you to build their own online business’s for 15 years now.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a step-by-step training that will show you how to generate passive income online, mainly through Affiliate Marketing..

No experience necessary, no product required. Just bring your love of something and we will help you turn that into a lucrative business.

Also Included:

1 – Wealthy Affiliate Core Training
2 – Weekly, Interactive Live Webinars
3 – Other Training Resources
4 – Domains, Managed Web Hosting & More at One Place
5 – The Advanced Keyword Research Tool
6 – SiteContent, The Comprehensive Content Editor & Checker
7 – Affiliate Programs Research Tool [New]
8 – Affiliate Program, Meet me in Vegas!

They also provide a friendly community of likeminded people. if you ask me, the Wealthy Affiliate Community Is Their Biggest Asset. The Most Helpful Community in the World. Period. Getting help in a timely manner through access to a myriad of people with all kinds of expertise is exactly what you can expect and will be there for you all day, every day.

If I Were You I Wouldn’t Take My Word For It, I Would Go Inside And Try It For Myself
Click here to start your journey with a 100% free trial. No credit card required!

What’s Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

1 – Getting Started Training (the process is completely SIMPLIFIED!)
2 – Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom training and Courses
3 – Over 1000,000 HELPFUL community members
4 – Full, Interactive Classrooms
5 – Live & Interactive Help (even at 2 AM in the morning!)
6 – 2 Free, Beautifully Designed Websites
7 – State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting ( Included )
8 – Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
9 – A strict spam free environment.
10 – Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catches)

Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate learning community that is second to none, from how to make money online free for a beginner to the expert that is ready to learn affiliate marketing for Free, to get setup for an online business with help from everyone.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you figure out “what to do if you hate your job but can’t quit” does this apply to you?
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Whats included in the 7 day free trial Wealthy Affilaite Members Training?

This course is going on to walk you through how Wealthy Affiliate works and also get you up and running with your very own business (which includes your very own website).

This will be your home base and will give you step-by-step instructions on what to do. Each lesson you will be given an associated “video” walk-through that is going to simplify the process…and ideally, make it a fun process for you!

The Getting Started 7 day free trial (Level 1) course is going to lead to the following accomplishments:

– Setting up your account profile at Wealthy Affiliate
– Interaction with fellow expert marketers and aspiring marketers via live chat
– Understanding the process of earning money online
– Choosing your own niche from scratch
– Creating your very OWN niche website
– Setting your website for massive success in search engines
– Activating website extensions that add many new website features
– Understanding how to create, find, and install one of over 20,000 plugins on your website
– Create your very first page of content on your niche website
– Create relationships with others here at WA and developed your own following
– Receive timely help/support when you needed it
– Understand the process of finding low competition, high traffic keywords
– Create a list of a bunch of awesome keywords
– Create valuable content within your niche that is getting RANKED in Google
– Learn new skills that will lead you to long term SUCCESS

If a particular “lesson” takes you few days, that is OK!! If you are able to accomplish several lesson in a day, that is awesome too! Work at your own pace through this training. The most important thing is that you take action on the tasks.

And this is without ever spending a penny, without needing any requisite knowledge or being a “techie”, and without having to expend much energy at all.

So, exciting stuff is going to happen and it is going to be happening early on within your experience at Wealthy Affiliate. From there it only gets more exciting 🙂

By the end of each course you will have a pretty decent idea about whether this business model, affiliate marketing via blogging, is the right kind of business you want to be getting into.

By thinking about taking this trial course you have already proven that you are an “action taker” by joining the community at Wealthy Affiliate, and this means that you are a great candidate for success.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium gives you access to MORE of everything. In fact, it offers you everything you need to achieve extraordinary success online.

This includes MORE coaching, MORE expert access, MORE training, MORE live classes, MORE keywords, MORE websites, MORE hosting, and MORE success.

As a Premium Member, you are also going to get the following:

(1) Unlimited Support & Communication
(2) 24 Hour Access to Personal & Private Help
(3) Managed WordPress Hosting for up to 50 Websites (25 free + 25 own domains)
(4) The Entire SiteRubix Suite (over 8 different WA only website platforms)
(5) Access to ALL 7 Phases of the Affiliate Bootcamp (70 Lessons & Growing)
(6) Access to ALL 5 Phases of OEC training (50 Lessons & Growing)
(7) 3,000+ Website Themes & over 50,000+ Website Plugins
(8) Live Video Classes w/ Full Q & A, Every Week
(9) Over 300+ Hours of Video Class Training
(10) Unlimited Keyword Searches using the WA Keyword Tool
(11) Higher Payouts as an affiliate (100% more commissions)
(12) My “How to Become an Expert in ANY Niche” 70 minute video BONUS
(13) Access to ALL Future Updates
(14) Absolutely EVERYTHING You Need to Create SUCCESS!.

Oh ya, as a premium member you can ask unlimited questions and have access to the 100,000’s of discussion threads that people have asked over the years on every topic imaginable.

These are “reasons” that WA Premium is going to lead to personal development, personal success, and will be the start of a long term and very successful business online.

But only if you take action here. Here are 5 reasons that you need to take action today…


When you go premium, you simply get more. This is equivalent to getting the keys to unlock our entire system. As a Premium member there is no restrictions, you get more of everything…including MORE SUCCESS!

REASON 2: Million Dollar Mentorships

Having the ability to connect with experts in the industry can make the difference between success and failure. What if you could personally communicate with people that have experienced success themselves and get direct, helpful answers?

You can, and you will get this personal and private expert access as a premium member. The Premium membership includes more personal support via a secure and private messaging system. Contact millionaire entrepreneurs who can help you based on their experiences. You will not find this ANYWHERE else!

REASON 3: 50 Websites with 24/7 Support

To be highly successful online you need high quality hosting and high quality websites. With WA Premium, you get 50 website installs, 25 free websites and the ability to host 25 domains that you own. You also get loads of bandwidth, web space, and 24/7/365 premium website support and monitoring.

Choose from over 1,400 different templates and choose from over 10,000+ website enhancing plugins that are “one click” installs.

These are things you need to BUILD and GROW a successful business online.

REASON 4: LIVE, to the Minute Training

Things change VERY quickly online . With Wealthy Affiliate Premium you are going to be served new training each and every week that will keep you up to date with the industry, reveal new marketing strategies and techniques, and keep you WAY ahead of your competitors.

This includes Live Video Training weekly with a full Q & A period where you can ask the expert hosts questions live and in real-time. Also, Premium members get access to a huge database of video training that is unmatched in the industry (100’s of hours), access to premium only blogs and discussions, unlimited live chat, access to our private forum with over 500,000 posts, and live personal support!

REASON 5: Unlock Full Communication Access!

In order to retain Premium communication within Wealthy Affiliate, you will need to become a Premium member.

The Premium support within Wealthy Affiliate is unmatched anywhere in the world and it is the only place where you can get personal help from folks that are experts in their trade and that truly care about your success. Unlimited help is included in your Premium members.

If you are interested in going Premium, getting a heck of alot MORE out of your membership, and working towards becoming a SUCCESS online, then take a moment today and check out the premium membership for only $19.00 your first month here!

You can cancel at any time, and if you love Premium as much as we know you will, it is only $49.00 per month afterwards. This includes absolutely everything you will need to run your business and be highly successful in doing so.

Your only cost, period.

Upgrade to Premium today for only $19 here.

You can give W​A a try before you commit to anything. What many don’t know is that once your 7 days of free membership is over, you do not get kicked out of Wealthy Affiliate.

You get access to everything and anything that Wealthy Affiliate has inside. That includes all content added to their site in the last 15 years.

There are over 300 webinars that were recorded and uploaded over the years.

If you are a premium member you will get the allowance of hosting 10 Dot Com websites.

​The members area consists of ​10 Chapters in 5 different levels for a total of 50 lessons with 170+ tasks.

All of the above being said, just like anything else that is new and unfamiliar, there is a learning curve involved. There’s a certain level of action necessary and a special kind of determination to strive for something better than your current circumstance.

There is a LOT more covered than what I’m mentioning above, I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you though! ????

Wealthy Affiliate is by are the most comprehensive, technically advanced and supportive community in the space. There is a reason why we have kept WA so cost efficient and why we have not changed our price in the last 12 years. There is also a reason why we are now trusted by over 1.2 MILLION affiliate marketers online. We care.

There is no product or service in the world that comes CLOSE to offering what WA offers and I will stand firmly behind this statement (and we only continue to evolve with each day that passes).

Now, this is up to you. But for the nominal cost of $19, you can be building your journey and your life ahead within the Internet instead of continuing along with “status quo”.

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

Anyway, before you dive too deep into wealthy affiliate review, you’re reminded of a few very important things:

1. ​Model Kyle & Carson’s Success
2. ​Do NOT Reinvent the wheel, Just Make It Better
3. ​Repeat ????
4. Free or Premium?

​As SIMPLE as that sounds, you’d be surprised just how many people ‘freak out’ and think they have to do everything from scratch, maybe that’s you right now? If it is, and that’s okay, I’m here to tell you to relax – everything’s gonna be alright. ????

Affiliate marketing is the most beginner-friendly way to making money online, and Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do it in a step-by-step training that focuses on the basics for the absolute beginner.

It doesn’t require computer skills more than what the average person knows.

The difference between someone who is new to business and someone experienced is that the new to business always wants quick results and expect to get paid at the end of month 1 like if it was a job, and gets anxious when that doesn’t happen.

While the experienced one knows that building a business takes time before getting results.

I believe this one factor is the reason why 95% of people who start any kind of online business fail. It is not a matter of money, luck, connections, …etc. It’s trusting the process and taking consistent action for the first 3-5 months.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review & Final Verdict

Honestly, The Wealthy Affiliate course is widely-accepted by successful affiliates (myself included) and top product creators as one of the MOST comprehensive & valuable courses in the affiliate & e-com world.

I’ll be honest, I thought the name sounded ‘scammy’ to me when I first heard it, and I didn’t think I would like the course.

I’ll admit, I was wrong to judge because of their age and the flashiness of the video, but the training is legit and it’s actually quite genius because all you DO need is an internet connection, and a computer or laptop to make this business model work for you!

The value given, the tips, tricks, the secrets & strategies revealed in the course are truly almost priceless, as you’ll see when you start to dig into the course. ????

While I’m already using the same methods they teach for driving traffic to my blogs and sites, I did pick up a few amazing things that I wasn’t using already, that I’ve already implemented into my own business with very good results.

Honestly, I’ve seen courses being sold for ALOT more than Wealthy Affiliate that didn’t cover as much. NOT EVEN CLOSE! ​ Kyle & Carson are young, but they’ve done a PHENOMENAL job at putting this course together, and I truly believe you’ll love it once you get started!

Endless Opportunity. Zero Risk.
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Bonus 1 – NOBODY ELSE CAN OFFER THIS – Personal Coaching with a professional affiliate marketer, ME! ($500/hour Value)..

Instead of offering you bonuses that will do no good and have nothing to do with you – I have an AMAZING bonus that will 100% help you achive MUCH better results

I´ve been very successful with my own marketing and have come up with an AMAZING BONUS that will DEFINITELY give you an advantage when you join WA premium from me. Ok?

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Yes! My EXCLUSIVE bonus IS that good!

So don´t make the mistake of buying from somebody else as this 1000 dollar Bonus is EXCLUSIVE from me!

I know where students have their success, and where they have their failures and I can give you REAL advice to be successful with Wealthy Affiliate.

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Bonus #2 – 60 Day High Converting Affiliate Marketing Email Sequence

Although Wealthy Affiliate offers great training, there is one thing they cant teach me and that is how to turn traffic into sales via email marketing..

Have you ever frozen up in front of a blank page, afraid to write that e-mail to your subscribers? It’s hard. When you have thousands of people reading your stuff, every e-mail can be intimidating to write.

That’s why Im also going to give you a free 60 Day High Converting Affiliate Marketing Email Sequence For Maximum Profit & How To Write Killer email Sequences That Sell For You From An Epic Email Marketer..

Your unique bonuses will help you get results 100 times faster vs any other affiliates out there. Period!

Assuming I haven’t bored you too much, it’s time You got to work!

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You DO need to click on MY link and give me the affiliate credit in order to get the bonuses – so make sure my link is the last you clicked.

Talk soon and if you have ANY questions, please let me know!

Tomas Loden

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Any Questions? Shoot me an email at tomas at tomasloden.com! ????